About Us

Just One Wrong Click focuses on helping everyday technology users understand the potential threats that they face on a daily basis when accessing the internet. We want everyone to be well-informed of the dangers of not being skeptical and cautious while online.


For a large percentage of the world's population, technology plays a critical role in our everyday lives. Banking, credit card management, filing of taxes, access to online school classes, shopping and more can all be accessed and completed online. It can be challenging to understand what can happen to your information if it falls into the wrong hands. We want to help you prevent that from happening.

Have you wondered how you can protect yourself and your personal information when online? If you have, get in touch with us.

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Message from our Founder

At Just One Wrong Click, we feel that now more than ever it is critical that all individuals understand the importance of protecting themselves online. Over the last several years there has a been an increase of technology use in our everyday lives, which has resulted in a great increase in the number of cyber attacks. Our main focus is educating everyday technology users on the importance of protecting themselves and then teaching them how to do it.


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